Raining Acorns


This mural, created by Bob von Elgg, is a tribute to the Awaswas-speaking tribes who have lived in the Santa Cruz area for thousands of years. The Ohlone understand the true meaning of abundance, the essence of nature’s gifts, and the strength of community. Their sacred annual acorn harvest is celebrated in this mural design. The large, golden acorns were envisioned as a welcoming gift to people coming into Santa Cruz from the North Coast. The mural is displayed on the Safeway building along Mission St/Highway 1 and next to the Santa Cruz Taqueria. Also, here at City Arts we want to recognize that the land this mural sits on is the home of the Awaswas speaking peoples that lived on these lands for over 15,000 years – who are STILL present and active within their traditional tribal territory as they endeavor to conserve, protect and restore their cultural and spiritual sites and advocate for their true history to be told.