Mural Matching Grant Program

Mural Matching Grant Program

Do you have a great idea for a mural to adorn the side of a Santa Cruz building? Mural projects may include 2D and 3D artworks, both pre-designed and site-specific, and either mounted to or created directly on an exterior building façade.

You’ll need to meet certain criteria, determined by a review panel, in order to qualify for a Mural Matching Grant. The criteria varies, based on the amount requested. The higher the amount you request, the more criteria you’ll need to meet. All projects are reviewed for these minimum criteria:

  • Artistic Merit
  • Scale
  • Feasibility
  • Media
  • Structural and surface stability/prep of the wall
  • Graffiti mitigation
  • Signed maintenance agreement from the property owner
  • Public accessibility and safety
  • Support of the Vision, Mission and Values of the Santa Cruz Arts Commission

    Scroll down for the application form and additional information - located at the bottom of this page!